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SunBird Patrol Mission Statement

To increase the effectiveness of Patrol Service by working in partnership with the community
to safeguard life and property and to enhance the quality of life in our neighborhood.

In Case of Emergency Call 911!

Patrol Hours

Patrol Phone
(480) 797-8605

Gatehouse Hours
6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Gatehouse Phone 
(480) 219-0350

Services Provided

Enforcement of Sunbird Rules, Regulation & Covenants, Parking Enforcement,
Enforcement of RV Parking Policies, Traffic Enforcement, Clubhouse Security, Swimming Pool Checks, Wellness Checks, Crime Concerns/Prevention, Solicitors and Irrigation Leak Checks.


Walker Safety

SunBird has about 12 miles of privately owned roads. Some of the roads have curves in them and are narrow without sidewalks.

SunBird has lots of activity on the roads with pedestrians, bicyclists, golf carts and vehicles.

To assist with safety, all who use the roads in the early morning and evening hours, please wear light colored or reflective clothing, lights and be as visible as possible.

Let’s be conscious of the traffic rules and be extra careful when driving to keep SunBird a safe place to enjoy.

SunBird Patrol Chief
Thomas Catri

On behalf of the SunBird Patrol, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our webpage.

The SunBird Patrol strives to be progressive in our approach to community safety, crime prevention and service to the community.

Moving forward together requires community support, relationships build on trust, treating others with respect and open communication.

Please do not hesitate to contract us. Together we will continue to enhance the quality of life for those who live, work and visit our great community.


Are you concerned about how the Police & Fire Departments would get into your home if you were alone, unconscious or unable to get to the door?

A free lock box could be placed at-your home and would only be used by the Police & Fire Departments should you need emergency help.

If interested, please contact a Senior Lock Box Coordinator at (480) 782-4962.

Close Garage Doors

One of the most obvious mistakes that a homeowner makes is leaving their garage door open at night.

This is an open invitation for burglars and thieves to steal your possessions. take your car and gain access to your home. Double check to make sure garage doors are closed and secured.


Golf Cart Safety

Golf Cart Safety is a high priority.

Whether you are on the golf course or cruising through the community,

Maintain a safe speed and observe stop signs. Who can drive - only licensed drivers are permitted to operate a motorized vehicle including golf carts on HOA streets.

Golf Carts are not toys and should never be operated by children.

Out For a Walk

Walk this way! Taking steps for pedestrian safety. Walking is food for your health, Before you head out on foot for a stroll, power walk or errand there are important safety tips to follow.

We know it's safest to walk on a sidewalk, but SunBird doesn't have any so you'll have to walk in the street and walk against the direction of traffic, so that you can see what's coming.

Please don't hog the street by walking abreast (side by side). Increase your visibility at night by carrying a flashlight and wearing retro reflective clothing. Avoid distractions such as electronic devices.

Vehicle Electric Gates


Dog Barking Disturbances

Is your dog barking and disturbing your neighbors? Be a good neighbor.

The ideal solution is to talk to or leave a note for your neighbor and resolve the issue.

Try to talk to your neighbor when you are not frustrated about the barking. They may not be aware of the barking.

Be calm and friendly and inform them of the time of the barking, duration and possible reason for the barking. It helps to keep a log, so the owner has a point of reference. Let your neighbors know you are willing to work on the problem. Contact the Patrol for assistance or to file a complaint, if the problem continues.





Do not give anyone your financial or other personal information unless you know who you are dealing with. Do not wire money or send a check to someone you do not know. Do not trust a name or number. Contact a company or agency directly to verify if they made the call or send the letter.

Register all your phone numbers with the website, www.donotcall.gov. Scammers ignore it, but legitimate businesses generally honor the list.

If you are aware of or have been the victim of a scam, call the Arizona Attorney General Office at (602) 542-2124.

Recognizing Suspicious

Be alert! Anything that seems slightly out of place or is occurring at an unusual time of day could be criminal activity.

Do not attempt to apprehend a person committing a crime or investigate a suspicious activity. Call the Chandler Police Department immediately and don't worry about being embarrassed if your suspicions prove to be unfounded. Law Enforcement Officials would rather investigate than be called after it's too late.



Solicitors, that annoying knock on your door. No matter how innocent a person looks through your peephole.

The SunBird Patrol is a firm believe in never opening your door to a stranger.

When-it comes to solicitors, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Keeping your door closed to strangers is the best way to protect you and your family from the annoyances of salespeople and dangers of criminals in disguise.

Please contact the Patrol to report any solicitation activity within SunBird.


Code of Conduct

To insure the tranquility of the community and enjoyable use of all the HOA facilities by owners and their guests.

The rules set forth conduct that is not permitted and may result in disciplinary actions including but not limited to suspension of the owner's privileges and / or monetary fines.

Traffic Regulations

All owners and their guests, tenants and invitees are obligated to obey all Arizona State Vehicle Laws while operating any vehicle within the boundaries of the HOA and may be issued a citation for failing to do so.

Homeowner ID Cards

Your homeowner ID card is very important in SunBird.

It is imperative that you carry your ID card with you at all times and upon request, please be patient & proud to present them when asked to do so by the Patrol

Please do your part to insure that only homeowners and bona fide guest are using our facilities.



Let’s Work Together to Keep SunBird a Safe and Fun Place to Live!



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