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In Case of Emergency Call 911!

Patrol Hours 
    10:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Patrol Phone  
  (480) 797-8605
Gatehouse Hours   
   6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Gatehouse Phone 
(480) 219-0350
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Thomas Catri, Patrol Chief
(480) 797-8605

Crime Prevention

Thomas Catri was hired as the new SunBird Patrol Chief in May of 2015.  Thomas has over 16 years of security and supervisory experience.  We welcome him to this position and look forward to his leadership role and excitement in SunBird.

1) Get to know your neighbors, exchange telephone numbers and report all suspicious activity immediately to the Police. When in doubt, call 911.
2) All doors and windows need to be locked and secured.
3) When away from your SunBird house see that it is maintained so it won't appear vacant.
4) Use reputable contractors. Check job references and the license report with AZ ROC.
5) Do not let contractors know when you are away or give keys to them to do work in your absence.
6) Do not give out your gate entry code to others except for close family and friends. (If you feel you have given it to the wrong person contact the office for a new code).
7)Install motion sensor lights. Let's work together to keep crime out of SunBird! If you have any new information concerning these or other reports, please contact he SunBird Office at (480) 802-4901.

Riggs Road Entrance Safety

The Riggs Road entrance into SunBird can be very congested at times. Some may not understand how the traffic is controlled at this intersection.

SunBird Sign

When the traffic control light is red for east and west bound traffic, it will often begin first (if a vehicle is in the left turn lane) with a green permissible turn arrow for the west bound traffic to turn into SunBird.


Sometimes the east bound traffic, even though the light is red for them still, stop and continue turning into SunBird even though the west bound traffic turning arrow. Please be mindful of this when entering into SunBird at Riggs Road to minimize any confusion.

Vehicle Gates &
Barrier Arm Safety

The vehicle control gates into and out of SunBird are there to control vehicular traffic.

At times, pedestrians and bicyclists have been observed following vehicles through the vehicle control gated areas.

This is extremely dangerous as well as being the cause of more congestion through these areas.

There are gates for pedestrians and bicyclists at each entrance or exit and can be accessed using your key. If you do not have a key, please stop by the SunBird office to purchase a key for $2. These pedestrian gates are a far more safe method of entering and exiting SunBird.

Please use the appropriate gates for entrance/exit into SunBird for your personal safety. Avoiding injury is a priority for all SunBird residents and guests.


Gate Operations

Riggs Road and Championship Drive and is gated with a guard house.  The resident gate is operated by authorized remote controls purchased by each owner from the SunBird office.  A keypad is also located at the resident entrance lane for back-up.  The guard house is operated daily from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  All guests, visitors and contractors must check in at the guard house.
After hours visitors, guests and contractors can only gain entrance in one of two ways: 1) Each owner has been supplied a different code to be used by closed friends, family or other trusted people.  By pressing the # button followed by the code and the gate will open. 2) Owners, by choice may be listed on the scroll display at the guest entrance lane. A visitor can scroll through the names to the desired person they wish to visit.  Next the visitor presses the “CALL: button".  The intercom will call the SunBird owner through the telephone.  It the telephone is answered, both parties may speak.  If the owner would like to grant access to the visitor they can do so by pressing the “9” on the keypad of their home telephone.  If they do not wish to grant access they should not press the “9” button.  The other gated entrance to SunBird is located on Hunt Highway and Championship Drive.  This is an owner only gate.

New Patrol Vehicle

The SunBird Patrol truck was recently replaced with a Chevrolet Volt this year. The vehicle operates by electricity only for the first 35 – 40 miles each day after an overnight charge. 

A charging system has been installed near the Riggs Road gate area and an additional charging station will be installed at the clubhouse. If the electrically charged battery runs low during operation, a gas powered generator will automatically begin charging the battery without notice or delay while driving. This electric vehicle will reduce the monthly gas expense significantly and is environmental friendly. 

Social Security Scam Email

 You look in your email inbox and see the subject line "Get Protected." Well, we all want that! Upon opening the email, you learn that the Social Security Administration (SSA) is supposedly offering great new features to help taxpayers protect their personal information and identities. Sounds so good that you may be tempted to click on the link provided -- but before you do, read this!

It's a SCAM! The Federal Trade Commission recently caught on to this scam and is asking for help in tracking down the fraudsters.

How It Works:

Scammers pretending to be from the SSA send out the email offering new features to help consumers monitor their credit and learn whether someone is engaging in unauthorized use of their Social Security number.

It sounds very official and may even mention the "SAFE Act of 2015."

What You Should Know:

The Social Security Administration is not offering such a program. It's actually a "phishing" email designed to get you to click on the link. Doing could cause "malware" to be installed on your computer, like viruses and spyware.

The link might also take you to a "spoof" site designed to look like the SSA's website and ask you to provide personal information, like your Social Security number and bank or credit account numbers.

What You Should Do:

If you get a questionable email, DO NOT click on any links. Instead, report it to the Federal Trade Commission by forwarding it to

Unsure about whether it's for real? Here are a couple clues: "hover" your cursor over the address link in the email if it's fake, you'll see that the address is an unrelated .com address, not the .gov address it appears to be. If it end up in your junk folder, that's because your email filters recognized that it wasn't for real.

If you're unsure if an email is coming from the government, call them yourself. But use an email address you find yourself, not the contact info listed in the email.

Please share this alert with your friends and family and urge them to do the same!  Together we can stop scammers in their tracks and keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket where they belong! 


Courtney Bennett of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office visited SunBird and made an awesome presentation on ways to help protect against scams and identity theft. 

Here is a summary of some of the items addressed at this meeting.  The best rule of thumb is “If it sounds too good to be true, it is”.  If you did not purchase a ticket or participate in a lottery and you receive notice of winning but need to pay money first or cash check first before receiving the full amount, it’s a scam. 

“Spoof” emails are being sent; these are emails that have the logo and appearance of real companies stating you're delinquent or they need further personal information from you.  If in question, contact the company directly by using other contact routes other than the ones provided in the “spoof” email. 

The IRS will not call you or send emails to you if they need to contact you.  The IRS will contact you by postal mail.  When making payments online use credit cards and not debt cards.  Better yet purchase a prepaid credit card to minimize the amount of potential theft.  When making payments online always look for the “https” in the browser address.  The “s” means secure and a picture of a lock. 

To minimize telephone soliciting please either visit https://www.donotcall.gov/or call 1(888) 382-1222.  Charities, politicians, and government agencies do not have abide by the “do not call” list. 

Monitor your credit activity, visit www.annualcreditreport.com Arizona has organized a group called Taskforce Against Senior Abuse (TASA) to help with any questions or concerns of identity theft or scams.  TASA can be contact at (602) 542-2124 or http://www.tsa.gov/ We thank Courtney for visiting SunBird and excellent presentation.


Please use caution when driving golf carts outside of SunBird!

Health Care Scam

 Health Insurance Exchange Calling?
No, It's a Scam!

A new scam has surfaced, with a threatening twist. 

How it Works:

•           You get a robocall purporting to be from the Health Insurance Marketplace, saying you need to purchase insurance or pay a fine. If you do as instructed and "press 1," an operator will ask for your personal information, including your full name, date of birth, phone number, income information and Social Security number.

What You Should Know:

•           The Health Insurance Marketplace doesn't make robocalls, and they don't ask for personal information. These are scammers, and they're after your personal information. If you give it to them, they will use it to make purchases and open credit cards in your name.

What You Should Do:

•           If you get a recorded call, hang up. Unless you signed up to receive recorded calls, the call is illegal.  

•           Don't press 1 to speak to the operator this puts you at risk for receiving more calls.  

•           If you do speak to an operator who asks you for personal information, hang up! 

•           If you get a call like this, report it to the FTC and warn others on the Fraud Watch Network Scam-tracking map.

This is just the latest twist on scams involving health insurance. Some scammers offer to help you navigate the new health care law for a fee.

Others will tell you need a new Medicare card, because of the new health care law. To learn more about health care scams, visit the FTC's website.

Grandparent Scam

The Arizona Republic newspaper published an article June 3, 2015 regarding the “grandparent scam”.  Typically a person will receive a telephone call from a person claiming to be an official from a near foreign country Canada or Mexico.  They will have someone posing as your grandchild on the telephone panicked and scarred saying “grandma or grandpa it’s your favorite granddaughter or grandson, I’ve been in some sort of accident and I need money wired to me in order for them to release from jail or custody, please don’t tell anyone.”  Many people fall victim to this scam and several in SunBird have already.  Here are some tips for avoiding the grandparent scam:
  1. Verify the family member’s whereabouts
  2. Don’t call the caller with the telephone number that the person provided
  3. Don’t fill in the blanks for the caller. For instance, if the caller says, “this is your favorite grandson,” ask “which one?”
  4. Don’t sent money for “bail.”
  5. Ask for title, names, addresses and phone numbers and independently check them.

Consider that the information you post on Facebook and control privacy settings. 


Auto Theft Layers of Protection
•  Always lock your car, even at home in your garage.
•  Roll up your windows.
•  Never leave valuables in your car.
•  Use a visible anti-theft device like a steering wheel lock, etc.
•  Use an alarm system with an electrical cutoff to disable the car.
•  When shopping or parking in large parking lots, always park as close to any activity as possible.
•  If possible, equip your car with a tracking device like LOJACK or OnStar. This will aid in recovery of your vehicle.
•  Enroll in an anti-theft program such as Watch Your Car.
•  No one device
works all the time – use multiple layers of protection.



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